Ani-Care Animal Services
We accept adult, tame healthy cats,
they must be altered the fee is $25.00
This fee applies to
ALL  cats or Kittens.
AS a service to the community we take in
cats/kittens that people are unable to keep
or find homes for on a limited basis.
But, due to space and resources we are not
able to take in every cat/kitten so please be
mindful and try to place any animal yourself
before bringing them to the shelter.
When accepted they have a home til they are
Ani-Care Animal Shelter does
accept cats on a limited basis,
due to space and time.
Cats that are healthy and domestic

Owner Turn in Fee is $25.00
Adoption is $25.00

There is unfortunately is an over
abundance of cats and no local
ordinances to cover any costs
associted with them at this time.

If we are full your cat can be put on
our waiting list.